Stories from Australia’s Past

I am a Canberra-based writer, thoroughly enjoying my post-public service career as a novelist.  I write historical fiction, but fiction that is built around real events and real issues from our past.

My first novel, Boss, is broadly based on the diaries of Minnie Hunter, the daughter of the original lessee of the Kalangadoo Pastoral Station, which was established in the mid-nineteenth century.  Minnie’s story provides a unique perspective into the lives of the pioneers of that time, and apart from its historical interest, is a wonderful story in its own right.

My second book, Taken In, is set in ‘Marvellous’ Melbourne in the 1890s, and is a murder/mystery, with its main theme the issue of illegal fostering of babies and young children, the ‘baby-farming’ scandal as it was known.

My third novel, Death in Black and White, is a sequel to Taken In and is again set in Melbourne in the late 1890s.  It has now been published, and will be launched at the Street Theatre, in Childers Street, Canberra, on Thursday 27th October at 5.30pm.

Well known Canberra author, Irma Gold, will join me to launch Death in Black and White. This is a free event, with complimentary cheese and drinks, but your response is requested to help manage the event. Please respond with your name and telephone number to

More information is available at the Street Theatre’s website.

A further sequel is also underway, to be completed (hopefully) by the end of next year.